How to Win Campaigns: Best Practices from the USA

Source: flickr/Obama for AmericaIn March 2015, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom hosted a study tour for senior party strategists entitled “Political Communication and Campaign Strategies in the USA.” Leading campaign strategists from parties around the world came to Washington D.C. to hear guest speakers at the top of their fields discuss campaign strategies used in the U.S. The purpose of this report is to explain how these strategies are employed in U.S. campaigns, and to make best practice recommendations about how to apply them in any election in any country.

The speakers discussed tactics for microtargeting, grassroots campaign operations, direct mail, television advertising and campaigning from a national party perspective. These tactics have evolved enormously in the U.S. and are operating in a campaign environment completely different than the one that existed just a few election cycles ago. However, the basic principles of managing a successful campaign are the same across time, country and political system, the most important of which is the campaign message.

You can find the full report here: How to Win Campaigns – Best Practices from the USA