Transatlantic Conference 2016: Putin Ante Portas & How to Handle Russia – A Polish and Transatlantic Perspective

The occupation and annexation of Crimea and the subsequent war in Eastern Ukraine indicate that Russia is both able and willing to use military force against neighboring nations. Over the past couple of years, the international community has been observing major exercises on NATO’s Eastern flank such as Russian aircrafts violating NATO airspace, snap exercises,… Read More

Transatlantic Conference 2016: EU What’s Up? Juggling Member States, Institutions, Exits & Conflicts

“Europe is not in good shape.” – those were the rather pessimistic words by Dalibor Rohac[1], research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), who opened the panel discussion on “EU, what’s Up? Juggling Member States, Institutions, Exits & Conflicts” at this year’s Transatlantic Conference of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. But Rohac is… Read More

Transatlantic Conference 2016: The Rise of Populism on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Political trends in America and Europe often show parallels, which is also true for the rise of populism. Populism has many dimensions such as an alleged “grass-roots democracy”, a political party representing the “common man”, or the “underdog against the elites”. Populism is not at all a new phenomenon but it is becoming an international… Read More

Transatlantic Conference 2016: Path to the White House – State of the US Presidential Election 2016

The 2016 presidential election cycle has thus far undermined all conventional wisdom. Six months ago, very few “political experts” would have thought that Donald Trump would end up being the nominee for the Republican Party. Observers thought that he would eventually implode and that his xenophobic, sexist and politically incorrect statements would catch up with… Read More

FNF-Transatlantic Conference 2016: What did we discuss?

The Transatlantic Dialogue Program of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) held its annual Transatlantic Conference in Chicago, Illinois in April 2016. Participants from around the world – including the United States, Canada, Germany, Greece, Poland and Slovakia – came together to discuss the current state of transatlantic relations and some of the issues… Read More

Transatlantic Conference 2015: Immigration and Integration – Cross-country Comparison of Systems

The topic of immigration is a matter of urgency in politics due to huge flows of refugees entering Northern America and Europe every day and the necessity of a solution to solve demographic problems. The panel on ‘Immigration and Integration – Cross-country Comparison of Systems’ at the TAD’s Transatlantic Conference discussed the debate surrounding immigration… Read More