Forum on the World Economic Order Program: “Trademarking Innovation: Intellectual Property in the Digital Age”

July 20-27, 2019 | Washington, DC and Louisville, KY The Forum on the World Economic Order welcomed its ninth delegation of experts in July for a seven day study tour focusing on intellectual property rights around the world. During the program, which took place in Washington, DC and in Louisville, KY, the delegation met with… Read More

Event Report: “Big Data Should Lead to Big Market, Not to Big Business or Big Brother”

Professor Dr. Thomas Straubhaar: Professor of Economics at the University of Hamburg, Germany; Member of the board of Trustees, Friedrich Naumann Stiftung During FNF North America’s Forum on the World Economic Order study tour for intellectual property professionals, Professor Straubhaar addressed both the international members of the study tour delegation, as well as guests and… Read More

2019 Transatlantic Dialogue Conference Summary: Tarrif-ied of Change? The Future of Trumpian Transatlantic Trade

Experts on international trade based in Germany and in the U.S. discussed the new trade agreement replacing NAFTA, the US-Mexico-Canada agreement or USMCA, President Trump’s strategy in making trade policy for the United States, and how multilateral trade organizations need to be modernized for the current global trading system in which countries, such as the… Read More

2019 Transatlantic Dialogue Conference Summary: How can NATO Remain Fit for Purpose 70 Years After its Birth?

The security and defense session offered three different perspectives on NATO by experts working in the areas of security and defense policy. Peters, Pfeifle, and Pindur contemplated the future of the Alliance in the next century, the strategic challenges facing Germany, Europe, and the US, defense spending responsibilities, and the state of German military capabilities.… Read More

Transatlantic Conference 2018 – What did we discuss?

The Transatlantic Dialogue Program of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) held its annual Conference on the Current State of Transatlantic Relations in St. Petersburg, Florida from November 30 – December 3, 2018. The conference brought together political professionals working in multiple areas across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Germany to discuss issues and contemplate… Read More

Expert Discussion on Business and Human Rights

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation’s Forum on the World Economic Order hosted a virtual expert discussion about “Business and Human Rights.” We had an interesting conversation with our experts on a wide range of topics, including actorness, regional challenges and rule of law, the role of civil society, and fostering cooperation among key stakeholders. We would like… Read More