FNF-Panel Discussion: Tipping Point? European Politics in an Age of Migration

Asylum and border control policies currently stand at the forefront of debate in European politics. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom’s Transatlantic Dialogue Program hosted the Member of the European Parliament Angelika Mlinar to discuss some of the challenges posed by the refugee crisis and present solutions for a handful of the problems faced. Ms.… Read More

Panel Discussion on Germany’s Political Challenges

How does Germany cope with the current refugee crisis? What’s the German standpoint vis-à-vis Russia? And what are the prospects for German liberals? Those were the main topics Dr. Ekkehard Klug, Member of the State Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein, Gisela Piltz, former Member of the Bundestag and Member of the Board of Trustees of FNF; and… Read More

TTIP: What’s the Buzz in Europe?

By Arya Hejazi and Håvard Sandvik, European Liberal Forum Introduction Unlike any other bilateral trade agreement, TTIP has stirred emotions on either side of the trade debate. The diversity of views over TTIP in Europe reflects the EU’s diverse member states, but also a Union which is only now coming to grips with its own… Read More

Panel Discussion: Germany and the United States: Reliable Allies?

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom’s Transatlantic Dialogue Program was pleased to welcome Andrew Cohen, Director of Communications, Pew Research Center; Jacob Heilbrunn, Editor, The National Interest; and Hans H. Stein, Director European and Transatlantic Dialogue, Friedrich Naumann Foundation to a panel discussion on ‘Germany and the U.S.: Reliable Allies?’ at the beginning of June. The… Read More

What South Africa’s Rejection of the West Means for the United States’ Interests in Africa – A Discussion with Dr. Frans Cronje

In May 2015, Dr. Frans Cronje, the Chief Executive Officer of the South African Institute for Race Relations, joined the Transatlantic Dialogue Program for a discussion on the current socio-economic challenges facing South Africa. Dr. Cronje focused in particular on South Africa’s rejection of western policies, highlighting the geo-political implications for U.S. interests in the… Read More

Deutschlands Rolle in der Welt – Eine Perspektive des Vorsitzenden der Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit

Bei seinem diesjährigen Besuch in der US- Hauptstadt Washington, DC sprach Dr. Wolfgang Gerhardt, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit, vor einem breiten Washingtoner Publikum zum Thema „Quo Vadis Germany? An Assessment“. In seinem Vortrag diskutierte Dr. Gerhardt die Bedeutung der transatlantischen Partnerschaft für aktuelle internationale Herausforderungen sowie die Haltung der deutschen und europäischen Liberalen… Read More