2019 Transatlantic Dialogue Conference Summary: The Political Situation in Germany

Member of the Bundestag Torsten Herbst provided participants with an overview of the German political party system, evaluated the political situation in Germany after the most recent European Parliament and state elections, and analyzed what the election results could mean for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s grand coalition. The Political Situation in Germany after the European Parliament… Read More

2019 Transatlantic Dialogue Conference Summary: How can NATO Remain Fit for Purpose 70 Years After its Birth?

The security and defense session offered three different perspectives on NATO by experts working in the areas of security and defense policy. Peters, Pfeifle, and Pindur contemplated the future of the Alliance in the next century, the strategic challenges facing Germany, Europe, and the US, defense spending responsibilities, and the state of German military capabilities.… Read More

2019 Transatlantic Dialogue Conference Summary: The Political Situation in Canada

Canadians will head to the polls on October 21, 2019 to vote in the 2019 Canadian federal election. André Albinati gave participants a primer on the current political situation in Canada by reviewing the major parties’ platforms and analyzing the latest poll figures ahead of the 2019 federal election, and assessing the US-Canada trade relationship.… Read More

Wie geht es weiter nach den Midterm Elections?

Podiumsdiskussion mit Claus Gramckow und Christoph von Marschall zu den US-Zwischenwahlen In der vergangenen Woche fanden in den USA die ersten richtungsweisenden Wahlen seit der Präsidentschaftswahl 2016 statt. Bei den Midterm Elections wurden ein Drittel des Senats und das gesamte Repräsentantenhaus neu gewählt. Das Ergebnis machte eine Spaltung deutlich: zwar verloren die Republikaner im Repräsentantenhaus… Read More

Upcoming Event: “Transatlantisches Freiheitsforum” on July 17 2018

Today, genuine transatlantic dialogue has become more important than ever. It is an essential tool for opening up new channels of communication and developing productive formats of transatlantic engagement, thereby strengthening a partnership founded upon the ideal of freedom, which in turn promotes prosperity and stability both within the U.S. To encourage this dialogue, the… Read More

New Government, Same Coalition: German Politics and the Grand Coalition (GroKo)

The Transatlantic Dialogue Program of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom was delighted to welcome Manfred Richter, Treasurer and Member of the Executive Board of the Foundation, to a discussion on the current political situation in Germany. After not reaching the 5% threshold in 2013, the FDP returned to the Federal Parliament after obtaining 10.7%… Read More